Call for Papers


Call for Papers

The Journal is open for submissions of essays and articles. Essays of between 4,000-5,000 words in lengths will be accepted, with a few spaces for longer essays of 6,000-8,000 words available. Essays should be formatted with MHRA referencing, and footnotes. Submissions should be presented in Palatino in size 12 font, with justified paragraphs.

Submit to the general editors at:,, or Deadline for submissions is September 14th.

Submissions will be reviewed by the editing team and then by a Committee of Readers made up of esteemed academics.

The Journal is formed in response to the need for a regular publication in this rapidly expanding area of study in British academia. The publication will be composed of peer-reviewed articles and book reviews with an emphasis on British and Irish subject matter and authors. The Journal aims to take an interdisciplinary humanities approach to Hip-Hop, with an interest in publishing writing that examines how the genre intersects with and informs society, literature and history. The Journal provides a means for early-career and post-graduate academics to have their work published.


Twitter: @UKJHHS



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